Towards Stillness
Our latest public art commission, ‘Towards Stillness” expresses the moments before, during and after the final journey of King Richard III from Bosworth to Leicester.

Installed in the Summer of 2014, the sculpture is composed of a timeline of twelve vertical steel plates set within the newly landscaped gardens of Leicester Cathedral. The timeline captures the death of the last English king to die in battle and the moving of his body to Leicester, followed by its display, burial and finally its rediscovery. The steel plates emerge from a landscape populated with tall grasses and marsh plants that evoke the terrain of the battlefield.

Each plate depicts life-size representations of Richard’s silhouette in several positions by cutting away areas of steel with a mixture of hard and soft edges. Visitors are encouraged to walk between the plates to look at the individual designs and also the overlaid vignettes created by looking through the voids.

The artwork is orientated towards Bosworth Field, and is read from west to east with the first plate, in polished stainless steel, evoking Richard charging towards Henry Tudor. As the sculpture moves eastwards the quality of the steel diminishes, conveying the violence inflicted upon the king until ultimately the steel is completely rusted, symbolising his burial in Leicester.

Public Art

Client Leicestershire County Council
Collaborators Momentum Benson Sedgwick
Photography Tom Gildon